How to use a safari web browser


Safari is developed by Apple. Safari web browser is stylish. It’s a huge way for windows users. It’s easy to use a web browser for your windows and Mac ISO. It can be different from the other web browsers like chrome, Firefox or internet explorer. It’s used for the apple phones. It is free to download in your window, Android, Smartphone or Mac iso. And fast to download it. It’s having a feature which is free to a virus or tested virus is free. 


  • Its cover run allows you to visualize the bookmarks iTunes style. 
  • Its page loading is very fast and looks well-designed. 
  • Its top pages allow you the see the most popular page. 
  • It allows you to see a lot of content on the one page. 
  • It’s having a private Chrome Support
  •  It does not require too many plug-ins. 
  • In this browser, you can’t change your font size of the browsers. 
  • You cannot install the others component during to setup. 

You can download it through the Google Play store to your Android phone or Smartphone or you can download it on your computer or laptops by using the blue stack of the software you can download the safari for windows Safari Customer Support 


  • If you want to the zoom the browser then double taps the window and its zoom the browser. 
  • If you want to open a new tap you can open it by using new window or new pages. 
  • It is the stable and user-friendly web browser, its support the HTML5, for improving it you can views the HTML5 video in full screen. 
  • It having a lack of plug-in compared to Firefox and chrome. 
  • It’s always available in the app news, reviews on the server. 


  • It’s having a fast performance. 
  • Easy bookmark. 
  • Well designed web browser. 
  • Pop-up blocking. 
  • Snapback 
  • Resizable text filed. 
  • Private web browser and security.
  • Inline find. 
  • Tabbed browses. 

Don’t worry about your files because it having an iCloud which will store everything securely. While reading this article, if you like it then downloads it without taking any time, just go to play store and download it in your Smartphone and windows. It’s easy to install in your window or Mac. We wish that this section of information has helped you on  Safari Browser Support